waiting two hours for some dank frrrozen hot chocolate was

totally worth it.and not just because our dessert was sinfully

delicious, but because serendipity 3 exceeded my expectations all

around.  this restaurant has great vibes, great staff, and great

guests.  sitting upstairs was truly “chill”, for lack of a better

term.  the absence of music makes you more in-tune with those

around you and encourages guests to engage in conversation

[specifically about the extravagant desserts being brought to the

tables].  the wait staff mingled and genuinely encouraged us to

take our time [which we did].  i never thought i could resist

guzzling down a frozen hot chocolate, but both jessica and i

[surprisingly] took our time devouring this one-of-a-kind


clearly i could go on and on about my restaurant-crush, but i’ll

leave it at that.  in the meantime, who wants to join me for a



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