Whole30 Brownie Batter (Sweetened With Dates and Nothing Else!)

what’s better than Whole30-approved brownie batter? miraculously convincing TSA officials to let you bring said brownie batter through security even though it doesn’t comply with their regulations. did i almost cry? yes. was it worth the humiliation? absolutely!

and as your martyr in this “traveling while doing Whole30” lifestyle, i’ve taught you all a valuable lesson. separate this Whole30 brownie batter into 3oz containers if you plan on carrying it onto the plane. apparently it’s “spreadable”, and TSA doesn’t allow more than 3oz of that at a time. you’re welcome.

now for the actual reason you’re all here–the recipe! see below for ingredients and instructions.

brownie batter ingredients:

-12 medjool dates [soaked in hot water]

-3/4 cup pecan & almond “flour” [made by blending pecans and slivered almonds together. can sub any other nut flour, though]

-3 tablespoons cacao or cocoa powder, unsweetened

-6 tablespoons brewed or instant coffee

-pinch salt

chocolate shell ingredients:

-1 tablespoon melted coconut oil [i used virgin, unrefined]

-2 tablespoons cacao powder, unsweetened


1. pour hot water over your dates and let them soak for 10 min. if you’re using instant coffee, you can multitask and put some of that coffee [about 1 teaspoon] into this water. the dates will get soft while you brew up some joe… genius! if you don’t have instant coffee, make a cup of coffee and set it aside.

2. place equal parts pecans and slivered almonds into a blender or food processor until flour-like [doesn’t need to be too fine]. then, toast in a dry pan until you can smell them. this will add more flavor.

3. pit your dates, but save that liquid if it’s coffee!

4. layer your ingredients into your vitamix or food processor. layering helps prevent one ingredient from getting stuck to the bottom. so do 1/2 of your dates, 1/2 of your nut mixture, 1/2 of your cacao, 1/2 of your coffee, then layer again starting with the dates. make sense?

5. now that all of your ingredients are in there and layered, buzz it up until smooth. give it a taste. it might need more coffee, cacao, or salt to bring out that chocolate flavor. the consistency should be gooey, but sticking together–like a thick brownie batter.

6. now place your batter into a sealable container, smooth out the top and set aside.

7. melt your coconut oil in a bowl/cup and add your cacao. stir until smooth. pour on top of your brownie batter, spreading it out. top with some more salt [maldon sea salt is best, because it’s super flaky, but use whatever you have on-hand]. place in fridge until chocolate shell hardens. pro tip: this tastes better as it sits… yum!

alright that’s it! how easy? and if you’ve been licking your spoon throughout the recipe, you know how tasty it is. this brownie batter is ridiculously decadent, filling, satisfying, and all of the words that describe a fantastic treat. i hope you like it. comment below if you have any questions or if you made any changes to your version; i’d love to hear!

and if you’re more of a visual learner, i made a video below!



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