i have a busy day ahead of me with work [yes, i got a job, and
yes, i work on weekends], art making+hanging, and handy-woman
furniture-building activities.  in preparation for days like
today, i like to feel [and look] as good as possible.  so without
seeming completely superficial, i’d like to share some of the
products i use in mymorning ritual in order to conquer the day.

1. starbucks espresso blend+silk creamer

i’m not sure if this qualifies as a product, but it’s part of my

daily routine, so i figured i’d include it.  delicious coffee,

great buzz, and more economical than hitting up the coffee shop
every morning

2. clinique concealer

honestly the best.  i use medium beige.  its yellow hue covers

dark, purple circles better than a more pink hue because yellow

and purple are opposite colors.  ooo color theory!

3. nars bronzer: laguna

i use this all seasons.  it’s essential.  if you have lighter

skin, try irresistiblement, and if you have darker skin, try


4. moon beam by benefit

if there’s one item on this list that i’d recommend the most it

is this.  literally, my favorite make-up product ever purchased. 

it adds a slight glow to your cheek bones over, under, or sans

powder, avoiding a matte face.

5. neosporin lip health

the only lip treatment that works, from my experience.  this

keeps my lips smooth and shiny throughout the day.

let’s do this.


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  1. Lenoria
    August 18, 2012 / 5:25 pm

    Cool blog, girlie! You look BEAUTIFUL as always!

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