i’ve been a rather inactive blogger lately, i’ll admit it.  but that’s because i have been thoroughly enjoying summer [possibly too much].  luckily drinking and laying outside can get old pretty fast, so i’m back on my blogging grind!

first order of business; showing how i made my dyed and studded jean shorts [reference here], by request of the lovely meta tshiteya. good thing i photographed the process, otherwise this wouldn’t be a picture book, and that would be no fun.


step one: purchase a pair of vintage jean shorts [or cut a pair of jeans you already own], and buy a black fabric dye at a local art supply shop.

here’s the dye i bought


step two: follow the directions on the fabric dye bottle.  don’t let the whole witch-cauldron-science-experiment thing intimidate you…it’s really not that difficult.

 step four: after dying your shorts, throw them in the wash to take off any excess dye.

step five: take a few stitches out of the back pocket in order to fold it over [i photographed this post-studding, but you get the idea].

step six: add your studs by poking them through the fabric and bending the facets with needle-nose pliers [no heavy machinery required].  oh also, you can buy studs here.

step seven: enjoy your new shorts!


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