this post is a throwback for several reasons [and by several i

mean two].

1.  this reunion occurred about two weeks ago [throwback]

2.  i reunited with the carly fariello, who [for those of you who

don’t know] is a camp friend of almost fifteen years who i hadn’t

seen since 2005 [throwback]

i had the pleasure of sitting down with carly and her loving

parents, bill and shelley, at rownyc.  the hotel room was okay i

guess… nothing spectacular or out of a movie or anything like

that… it didn’t take my breath away… i didn’t feel the need

to take thirty pictures of it… it was just okay.

awesome hotel room/all joking aside, this experience was

so lovely.  carly is still one of the funniest people i know,

and it was like no time had passed between us.  we reminisced

about old times, we laughed like we did at camp [until almost

pissing ourselves], and we used the same vocabulary we did during

our years at interlaken [i guess you could say we were “mature”

young ladies?].

i can’t believe it had been nine years since seeing this life

long friend...  let’s not let another nine years go by before our

next reunion.  love you so much!


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