spring in new york city is always magical, but for some reason this
year seems more special than all previous. maybe it’s because i
reside in one of the most fairytale-like neighborhoods in brooklyn-
carroll gardens. or maybe it’s because i’ve been taking advantage of
my [very limited] free time more than ever before. or maybe it’s
because living in new york city gets better year after year; each
year you figure another thing out that makes living in this somewhat
of a hell-hole bearable and actually enjoyable. each year i meet
more people, i meet better people, i do more interesting things, and
i embrace every moment of it.

okay now that my introspective rant is over, there’s another special
part about spring that i haven’t touched on–food. and when a
refreshing menu is combined with good people, fantastic weather, and
a lovely restaurant, there’s really no better combination.

Gran Morsi encompasses all of these things, and i had the privilege
of trying their recently launched spring menu the other evening.
developed by the brilliant chef Kenneth Johnson(a Chopped Champion
and future contestant on Beat Bobby Flay), this menu is impeccable.
restaurant owner [and friend/partner in dining], Vip, let me taste a
few a lot of the best dishes Chef had to offer, and Chef helped me
decide what to order for my unique palette. thankfully Vip
also assisted me in eating all [yes all] of this food. here’s what
we ordered:



-black linguine

-burrata [per chef’s recommendation]

-mixed berry cobbler

-fried doughnuts

and as you all may know, i’m at Gran Morsi often [ex A, ex B, ex C,

ex D], so other things i’ve tried that you must order are the
sheep’s milk ricotta app, the sheep’s milk ricotta ravioli, the
mushroom-truffle pizza, the fried calamari, the octopus, the
artichokes, the salmon, the skate, and… well… everything else.

so if you couldn’t tell after my gushing of this Tribeca gem, Gran

Morsi is a place you all must visit [and visit often enough to try
just about everything on the menu]. you may even run into me
photographing my pizza while Vip shines a flashlight on it [that
doesn’t happen often… i swear].


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