good design is easy to spot.  and these home goods from straw &

gold are spot on.  i’ve decided to feature straw & gold’s home

shop, because i am honestly thoroughly impressed with the

collection of work on this site.  the amount of care and detail

that went/goes into each home-shop piece [or each piece from

every genre, for that matter] is unreal, and i think this must

be acknowledged [by a biased, yet honest, artist].  

each product is charming, thoughtful,

charismatic, delectable, humble yet chic, nostalgic yet modern

(the list could go on forever) and evokes a certain kind of

comfort.  it almost feels that each product was made specifically

for you by a loving friend.  i truly only represent

products/brands/sites that i believe in, and straw & gold is at

the top of my list and in the center of my heart.  the more i

scroll, the more i am impressed and, subsequently, the more i


and on a completely sappy note, i’m honored to be featured with

such a beautifully curated body of work, which, by the way, is

all available to you and you and you and you and even you at

straw & gold.  shop now.


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