this post goes out to three homies [both new and old] who are

doing great things online.  i highly recommend checking out the

sites they are repping.

1.  my tweetstakes gives you the opportunity to win free stuff by

simply logging in with your twitter account.  i mean, why

wouldn’t you do this?

2.  rent the runway allows you to look absolutely fabulous in

couture gowns without sacrificing your entire paycheck.  i wish

my birthday was sooner so i had an excuse to use this incredible

resource.  new years eve, perhaps?

3.  swagnet has officially launched their online store.  they

have some one of a kind items that are all distinguishably cali

fresh.  also, spur of the moments will have some products on

there in the near future, so be sure to stay updated.

so yeah… shout out to you three; you know who you are…


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