if you haven’t already seen the news on my art website, i’m about

to wrap these pieces up and take them on a little field trip to

brooklyn.  they’ll be on display this friday at greepoint gallery

in their nine year anniversary small works show.  and although i
won’t be there to celebrate, those of you who enjoy my art [or
art in general for that matter] should go to the reception at
8pm.  see you there [in spirit]!


vegetables are a vital part of a well-balanced diet, and in my

world, so are cupcakes.  i’ve obviously decided to combine the

two into one indulgent, unhealthy, sugary healthy recipe! feel

free to add diced, candied ginger to the batter, or sprinkle some

chopped pecans on top for even more nutrients.  and if you’re

really health-conscious like, me you’ll be sure to eat at least

two of these cupcakes a day until there are none left.  enjoy!


a heavy dose of steroids [i’m serious] has left me slightly dizzy
and bedridden for the entire day, which i [obviously] spent
watching food network… what else would i do?  so after drooling
at my tv all day, i managed to drag my ear-infected [hungry] self
to fairway to grab the necessary ingredients to test ina garten’s
baked sweet potato “fries” recipe.  

besides for cutting my potatoes differently and soaking the raw
fries in cold water for about five minutes and then drying them
[to ensure crispiness],  i followed the recipe pretty
literally… and it was absolutely deliciousand this is not
so shocking considering ina never fails at calculating the
perfect recipe.

no ‘roid rage here.  i’m one happy [and full] recipe tester!