feast your eyes [but not your stomachs… i’ve taken care of

that part] on the feast i so ridiculously prepared

and so ridiculously binged on.  there were absolutely no

restraints while eating the homemade falafel & tzatziki, potato

wedges, and refreshing summer salad i prepared.  and how could

not reward my efforts with two and a half [i guess that extra

half felt necessary at the time] cupcakes to finish the meal?  

that being said, i don’t foresee myself feasting to this

extent any time soon.


what do you get when you combine a salt craving with a sudden

health kick?  homemade baked potato chips with a fat-free, greek

yogurt-based, french onion dip.  

for the chips, just slice a russet potato as thinly as you can

[use a mandelin if your knife skills are nonexistent].  coat each

piece in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  lay evenly

on a nonstick cookie sheet [i had to use two].  bake at 400 for

about 30 minutes, flipping halfway through.  take them out of the

oven when they are golden brown and perfectly crispy.

pair them with this french onion dip and watch them vanish right

before your eyes.

note to reader:  make 5 batches of these.  they go fast.

another note to reader:  make these with a friend otherwise you

will. eat. all of it.


here is my art:

here is my statement:

it is amazing how much time and focus goes into one painting. 

art can occupy the majority of my day/week/month without leaving

me feeling drab and mundane.  it is the one activity i know will

keep me entertained, energized and inspired.  what i gain from

art is consistently positive and always has been.  so although i

may say i’m bored, i very well know the solution to that problem.

here are some detail shots:

here is this piece’s new home:



here is my art:

here is my statement:

i made this painting for a four year old girl [in exchange for
that iphone i told you about earlier].  and while my material
choice was specific to my patron who likes anything shiny and
pink, it coincides with the direction my art has been going.

here are some detail shots: