i think i may have been converted to veganism after hanging out
with a san francisco resident three times this week and after
eating at babycakes [with said san francisco resident] yesterday

this sweet little bakery located in the lower east side initially
appealed to me in with its charming aesthetic, retro decor, and
small-town feel.  then it completely won me over after i tried
[and managed to share] three doughnut holes, banana bread, and a
biscuit.  not only were these the best vegan treats i’ve ever
tasted, but they are some of the best baked goods i’ve had in
general [yeah, i went there].

basically, babycakes is a cute shop with a good atmosphere run by
cool people that serve high quality, homemade, delicious
sweets… and it may have turned spur of the moments vegan.

[verification of previous statement will occur upon next food post]


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