after attending and covering fashion gala tlv by dor chadash i

was contacted by superwoman galit reismannone of the main
planners of the event.  although i didn’t get the chance to meet
her in person [she was backstage before, during, and after the
show], we designated an hour to skype and get to know each other.

 during that hour not only did i gain a new israeli friend [yay],

but i learned what galit is aiming to accomplish with tlvstyle. 

this in-the-know fashionista hosts tours around tel aviv to

boutiques that are off the beaten path.  she shows visitors  the

israeli fashions what they may not discover without her guidance. 

these personalized tours are ideal for those of us who travel

with the intention of exploring avenues that are atypical for

foreigners, but quintessential to locals.

besides for showing you where to get some of the most unique

designs in one of israel’s most booming fashion centers, galit

introduces the outsider to the warm personalities of tel aviv. 

she gives ordinary tourists the opportunity to be fully emerged

in the genuinely amicable culture of this city’s fashion


and what’s better than having a once in a lifetime boutique tour

around one of the world’s best cities?  getting your ticket for

10% off.  here’s how:

1. “like” tlvstyle boutique tour’s facebook page here

2. “like” spur of the moment’s facebook page here

3. “share” this poster on facebook

when you buy your tickets through galit, let her know you

participated in this promotion to receive the discount.  and when

you go on one of her incredible tours, you can make a new friend

as well!


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