…[if you haven’t noticed already] is meatball obsession; the

fastest, most exciting way to get a home-cooked, delicious

meatball in new york city.

i came across this adorable restaurant/storefront while in

greenwich village with some members of my a cappella group.  the

clever, overtly homey decor of their outdoor standing area is

what initially lured me in.  next thing i knew, i was buying

meatballs and mingling with owner, paul [who was awesome enough

to gift me a water and a turkey meatball on the house].

not only are these meatballs incredible [i chose chicken], but

the restaurant decor and staff are truly welcoming.  the vintage

lamp, family photos, and vintage tray made me feel like i was

sitting at my italian grandma’s kitchen table… and i’m not even

italian.  basically, at meatball obsession the consumer feels at

home, even if their stay is for under ten minutes, which is a

rarity for nyc.

that being said, go to 510 6th ave [at 14th street] if you like

good concepts and need some comfort in a cup.


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