disclaimer: i am going to continue with my previous post as if i
didn’t just take a two-week blogging vacation.

remember that tease from july 25th? well, here is the finished

product.  juxtaposing abstracted interior design with found

images led me to create this contemporary visual collage. this

piece is marked with my signature animal skulls and pops of neon,

making it a true reflection of my artistic taste.  

and check out the sides: i painted them a neon coral in order to

create a mesmerizing glow around the edge of the wood canvas.

i truly love this piece and think it will fit in nicely

on the west coast [specifically in san francisco]. 


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  1. Maeve
    August 12, 2012 / 11:10 pm

    it will look AMAZING in san francisco and thank you for being the best roommate/best friend i could ever ask for and i'm so excited to brag about you from the west coast mami!!!!

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