i haven’t publicly swooned over a designer/brand for a

while partially because i haven’t had the time to online window

shop, but mostly because i die a little inside every time i fill

up an imaginary shopping cart that i’m never actually going

to “check out”.  luckily, my multitasking-self found a small

window of opportunity to window shop in real life at macys, only

to discover yet another unique & chic shoe brand–miista.  i’m

truly mesmerized by these sandals.  their lucite details and

hologram-like colors/patterns have got me freaking hypnotized

over here [the animated gif helps with that] as i doze off into

the night.  forget counting sheep… i’ll be counting miistas

until my melatonin officially kicks in.  1 miista sandal, 2

miista sandals, 3 miista sandals, 4………


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