this week i had the incredible opportunity to interview [via e

mail] the queen of the cut out dress, ms. donna mizani.  i am a

huge fan of her designs [i wore one of her signature dresses for

my twenty-first], and now i am a huge fan of her personality!

donna is confident, focused, and sweet. take a look:

alexandra: tell me about yourself: how old are you? where are you

originally from? what is your educational background? where do

you live now?

donna: i’m 26 years old, and i currently live in la.i
grew up on

the east coast and moved out here in 2004, right after

school, to attend FIDM. my major was fashion design. i am bi

and spend a lot of my time back and fourth to and from

and la.

alexandra: when did you decide/realize you wanted to become a

fashion designer?

donna: it
was never really deciding, it was more of being born to

want this. before i was even capable of dressing myself, my mom

would catch me
sneaking into her closet putting on her heels,

dresses and admiring her
fashion taste. so, as i got older

clothing was always the only way that i
was capable of expressing

myself, so why not make a career out of it? 

alexandra: how long does it generally take to design a clothing

item? what about an entire line?

donna: when
it comes down to designing a new season, i usually

lock myself in my
office for days at a time. i blast music and i

just get into the zone.
it won’t end until i am fully satisfied

with what i have come up with. i’m constantly inspired, designing

and coming up with new styles
everyday. sometimes i can come up

with multiple styles in one day.

alexandra: who are some of your favorite designers?

donna: too
many good ones out there to call one my favorite…

definitely anyone who
falls in the risk-taker category. fashion

is all about taking risks and
having confidence.
creativity helps

too 🙂

alexandra: what influences you the most when creating your


donna: a lot
of art definitely influences me. whether it’s a

painting or
photography. anything that can catch my eye and

inspire me is definitely
a big influence.

alexandra: how would you define your personal style?

donna: depending
on where i’m going, my personal style would be

defined as cool and
casual with a splash of edge
… i love

dressing up, and love dressing

day to day i’m wearing loose fitted harem pants, leggings, or

shorts with a light weight drape-y burnout t and some type

of fitted
i’m obsessed with button down shirts!! i

think i own a
button down shirt in every color. i also love

dressing up; obviously i
am known for my dresses!
my go-to going

out look will always be a little
black dress designed by yours


alexandra: how would you define the style your line exemplifies?

donna: the style that my line exemplifies would be sophisticated

yet sexy mixed with a flirty sensibility. i’m definitely known

for putting the cut out dress on the map, but what i
think is so

great about my line is that it offers so much more and
caters to

so many different types of women with different kinds of style.

alexandra: three words that describe you as a designer:

donna: risk-taker, confident, ambitious

my donna mizani dress
my favorite dress*

thank you, donna for your time and your artistic contributions to

this world.  keep doin’ what you do!


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