especially when those people are women.  last wednesday i had the

privilege of celebrating the release of yael kohen’s first book

“we killed: the rise of women in american comedy.”  since i have

yet to read the book [i am going to read it], i will steal npr’s


“an oral history tracing the careers and achievements of comediennes from the

past half century challenges opinions about why women cannot be effective comedic

entertainers and includes coverage of celebrities ranging from joan rivers and

lily tomlin to mary tyler moore and tina fey.”

from the brief conversation i had with yael, i can tell she’s a

down to earth, funny [although she claims that is unintentional],

and inspired woman.  i can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of

this book, and you should all do the same [i mean, how could you

resist interviews with chelsea handler and the comedic words of

sarah silverman?].


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