please welcome to the spurofthemoments team: ms. cara hunt.  i’ve

known this talented photographer for about three years now, and

it just occurred to us [after she used me as a model for a

digital shoot] that we vibe artistically. i’m so excited to have

her take photos for the blog.

so to introduce her, here is some of her work interspersed with

some of her words… enjoy:

“i would see something and it would make me feel something, so

then i would take a picture.  i would only take a picture if i

felt something.”

“it’s all about the moment for me. i feel like there are these

moments that you don’t really pay attention to, and i try to

capture them.”

“digital is going to pay my bills, but 35mm is my mistress.  i’m

always going to take black and white.”

“my work is raw, natural, and simple.”

“i want people to feel what i felt when i took the picture. i

hope my work evokes what i felt.”


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