coming “home” to florida [i’m originally from jericho, ny.

holler!] isn’t something that usually invigorates me, rather it

transforms me into a lethargic octogenarian who has eaten too

many carbs.  however, this trip feels different.  i’m excited to

see my family [specifically my mom who is not only my unofficial

therapist, but my best friend.  and my cousin jenny, who is

getting married tonight and who i know will be reading this post.

andmy dad who is a pain in my ass, but still pretty cool]. 

anyway, my point is that i feel good for the first time in months

[creative-people-problems] and i’m glad to be back.

so to sustain this oddly-timed resurrection of my mental health,

i’ve decided to start my day with a healthy bowl of banana

oatmeal [rather than grab sub-par, greasy diner food from the

local altacocker hot-spot with my deaf grandma].

to make it, i mushed half an [almost] overripe banana into my

oatmeal & water [1:2 ratio], microwaved on high for 3 minutes,

sprinkled some salt and brown sugar, and poured on some almond

milk for that nutty bite.  i feel great with this fresh start to

my morning [or life, for that matter], and it’s about to get even

fresher, because i’m hopping in the pool… seeyaaa!


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