after this weekend, it seems that i may have retired my night

owlish ways and become an early bird.  my circadian rhythm

adjusted slightly, allowing me to conquer daytime activities with

ease and enthusiasm.  sunday was filled with adventures,

starting with a pleasant brunch with my friends sam and bruce

[and “pancake man,” as i like to call him].

after brunch, bruce and i hiked over to brooklyn to visit fellow

uw alum and nyc artist, chelsea at her awesome shared studio

space in 3rdward.

then we decided we wanted chocolate…but not just any chocolate  

we wanted gourmet, expensive, imported chocolate.  so we headed

over to mast brothers for some a lot of free samples and a few

delicious ginger-chocolate cookies.

basically, i took a ton of pictures [extras here], met some cool

new people, saw cool art spaces, ate delicious food, and am

officially loving this early bird lifestyle.


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