there are 30+ items on my to-do list for this weekend, yet i find

myself laying in bed writing a blog post about pancakes i made

several months ago. this makes no sense for several reasons.

a) i thought my blog [along with many others] had died 

b) in the last ~year i haven’t had a free moment to sit in front of

my computer and type anything other than hand-crafted emails 

c) i have a billion other things to get done today and probably

shouldn’t be exerting energy into formatting photos to properly fit

my blogger template

d) i should be using this rare downtime to prep for a photo shoot i

have in nolita later this afternoon

but alas, here i am reflecting on my life over a short stack that i

didn’t have the time or energy to post about until this very moment

where the temperature in my new williamsburg house is perfectly

crisp, where i have about 20 minutes to unwind until my jam-packed

day starts, where my boyfriend is still sleeping making me nervous

that we’ll miss our small window to grab brunch, and where i feel

the need to be overtly expressive on some form of social media.

blogging is like a visually beautiful diary combined with a weird,

generation-y form of therapy except that everyone can read it and

there’s no privacy policy whatsoever. and now that i’m actually

doing it again, after a while of forgetting about it, i think i need

it. it keeps me grounded and slows me down for a bit. just like the

slow drizzle of that maple syrup on those gluten free, vegan

pancakes i created above. recipe below. you should really try to

make them yourself. have a great sunday ya’ll.



​Dry Ingredients:

-1 cup buckwheat flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill 

Organic Buckwheat Flour)

-1 cup Oat Flour (Can use Bob’s or grind up 

Quick Cook oats in a food processor)

-2 teaspoons baking powder

-1/2 teaspoon salt

-1 teaspoon cinnamon

Wet Ingredients:

-1 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk

-2 Tablespoons organic maple syrup

-2 teaspoons vanilla extract

-1 tablespoon canola oil

-2 overripe bananas (mashed)


-mini Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups (dark and milk chocolate)


Mix dry ingredients. In a separate bowl, mix wet ingredients.

Combine wet and dry with a spatula until just combined. Cook like

you would normal pancakes. Once cooked, smother with Justin’s peanut

butter cups and maple syrup. Sprinkled with powdered sugar.


treated myself to dairy free, processed-sugar free, pretty much fat free “bananas foster ice cream” the other night.  all i did was peel some ripe bananas the night before, freeze them, throw them into a food processor (i kept blending and scraping down the sides until it reached a creamy consistency), add some cinnamon, and dessert was complete.