the hardest part about pulling together

this birthday essentials post has been admitting to myself that

this magical night is over.  re-visiting these images has got me

feeling nostalgic, happy, sad and hungry all at the same time,

which is probably why i’ve been avoiding it.  i was honestly on

cloud nine for about a week and a half after having my birthday

party at sweet revenge–one of the most lovely restaurants in the

west village.  the staff was so kind as to let my friends and me

take over the joint and transform it into what was essentially

pinterest birthday board meets a cappella flashmob.

and since there were about a billion photos on my and the

brooklyn wolf’s memory cards, i figured i’d break this post into

two so as to feature as many photos as possible.  without further

ado, here is part I of my weekly curate for july 20th: all things

essential to make the most memorable birthday ever.

1.  balloons – choosing colors may have been more difficult than

carrying two dozen on the subway…

2.  artisanal cupcakes – on my birthday, i treat myself right

[specifically to two crimson and creams and one fresas y nueces].

 sweet revenge doesn’t mess around with basic flavors;  their

cupcakes are sophisticated, complex, and absolutely divine.  you

know what they say: go artisanal or go to gristedes.

3.  a great venue – aside from having the best cupcakes in town,

sweet revenge is absolutely adorable.  this quaint restaurant is

lined with subway tiles and dark, reclaimed lumber, giving it

that warm, homey feel.  the open windows brought that cool

summer-night air into the party, and dim lighting kept a relaxed

mood throughout the evening.  with a friendly, attentive staff,

this restaurant was the ideal environment for my serene 24th

birthday celebration. 

4.  a special outfit – it’s impossible to overdress
on your birthday [even if it falls on a wednesday… no shame!].
was decked out in ornaments with this sequin top from
h&mlavender heels with colorful lucite details by miista, and
pink jewel kate spade earrings that were a gift from my best
friend jessica last year.  a white structured skirt from MADE by
macys pulled the whole thing together. felt like a diva, which
is the way it oughta be when you’re turning 24 in the best city
in the world.

5.  handmade cake topper – this tiny thing took me over an hour

to make… worth it!

more of this birthday essentials weekly curate coming up shortly!

**special shout out to sole struck for a) having these shoes in
my size and b) hooking it up with a sweet discount. you ladies



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