what’s a 22nd birthday without some nosh? 

[ahi tuna appetizer, coconut shrimp, grouper burger]


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  1. Tommy
    June 26, 2012 / 7:35 am

    Gonna rank these dishes. (in order from good to best)3) Ahi Tuna Appetizer: Looks really spectacular. The wasabia says 'whatsabi???' and the tuna appears to be cooked to perfection. Perhaps the most technically intricate dish, it nevertheless leaves me wanting more.2) grouper sandwich: This dish looks absolutely amazing. The fries appear to be cooked to perfection and they are complemented by some ketchup (likely a name brand) and some yellow stuff. I really like the fry placement on this grouper dish and I am sure the fries were Delicious. excellent fry to grouper ratio here.1) Coconut Shrimp: No surprises here. the cococonut shrimp appear to be the best aspect of the meal. I love the green stuff that is on top of them and I wish I could have some of the shrimp. It looks like there are only three coconut shrimp. I hope there were Less than four people!Summary:1) Coconut shrimp2) grouper sandwich/burger (with fries)3) the tuna

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