ever since getting my first coach demi [remember when these were

all the rage?] in sixth grade, i’ve identified myself as being a

bag girl.  and while i love a good heel, theres just something

about a suede tote that makes me feel all tingly inside.  

so when i saw one of clare vivier‘s totes in person last night,
my inner bag freak came out [naturally].  her designs seem
effortless and not over-thought.  they are classic yet
contemporary, and so appealing to those of us [me] who need room
to carry essentials, but want to do so in style.  

now i am left with a collage of beautiful purses that will
forever taunt me until i get one for myself.  and knowing me, i
will probably find a way to make that happen.  
i am a bag girl, after all.


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