chicken. pot. pie.

three more words: made from scratch.

three more words: i’m in heaven.

i used ina garten’s recipe as a guide, but tweaked it by pretty

much halving everything used [and still got 2 full pies].  i also

mashed up two boiled yukon golds into the sauce to add even more

deliciousness.  if you have any questions about how to make this

dish,  leave a comment/e-mail me/facebook me/text me/whatever and

i’ll help you out!

alright… time to eat.


today was the perfect day for me to invite you all into my

[almost complete] studio.  there are still a few things i’d like

to get [like a side table for my bed, some vintage metal stools

for extra seating, extra pillows, and more accessories], but i

just couldn’t resist photographing my apartment on this sunny

day… even if it’s slightly incomplete.

so feel free to take a look around and make yourself

comfortable.  well… not too comfortable…  
i need my alone time.