alexandra and erik arrive at sweet revenge, “the nation’s only

restaurant with a cupcake, beer, & wine bar.”


“this place is so f*cking cute.”


“i knew you’d love it.”

alexandra orders the “dirty” cupcake with an iced coffee, and

erik chooses to pair the “pure” with a nice, tall hefe weiss. 

they eat their dessert [which was unbelievably decadent] and move

onto the best part of the night… opening presents!  alexandra

unwraps a perfectly wrapped present… and then another

present… and then another present… and then another present,



“this is the never-ending supply of gifts.  and this is the best

birthday of my entire life.”

alexandra and erik leave sweet revenge arm-in-arm and end the

night with a glamorous subway ride home.

the end.


a note from the playwright:

seriously, my birthday was amazing.  i am [still] so appreciative

of how loved everyone in my life made me feel just for being

born!  i’m sure all of the beautiful gifts i received will

organically make an appearance on spur of the moments in the near

future. special thanks to my parents, my brother, my amazing

friends, and my goy toy i mean boyfriend, erik.  can’t wait for

next year.


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