as if i wasn’t obnoxious enough via social media about my
birthday, here is the three-act summary of what one would assume
to be a script for a play and not actually real life.

act I:

alexandra treats herself to a $20 mani+pedi… $20!
she then proceeds to buy the girliest dress she can find at
aritzia…on sale.
she returns home to find flowers.


“who are these from?”

she reads the card to discover that the mysterious flower-giver
was erik.  she smiles, puts the flowers on her coffee table, and
goes downstairs to check her mail.


“what is this peculiar package?”

alexandra opens a package to find a thoughtful gift from her best
friend/sister from another mister, jessica–pink kate spade
earrings to go with her pink dress [THANK YOU!].


“how convenient!  i will pair these earrings with my new dress
and with my nude kelsi dagger heels.  i can’t wait for dinner!”

alexandra leaves her apartment and takes a cab to soho to meet
erik for dinner.

end act I.


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