Thursday, April 6, 2017


hi guys!! i can't believe i'm here right now. it almost feels like
i'm in a strange dream world, but that might just be the terrible
weather and lack of sunlight in my office. 

i clearly took an extremely long hiatus from spur of the moments (in
fact, i even changed my instagram handle to my name and declared
myself a public figure... because i have the power to do that).

and i'm not sure if it's the cocktail of "pop matters" playlist
on spotify and speed round of creative concepting i'm currently
executing at my job, but i suddenly feel ridiculously inspired (and
arguably manic).

in fact, i've been searching my blog, instagram, icloud and vsco
library feverishly for the past hour to grab reference photos for a
video i'm producing and am like, WOW. i've produced some pretty cool
content in the past year or two. there are so many photos i've
captured and/or art directed that i am now using as inspiration for
branded content. that's pretty damn cool.

these are two of the photos that i'm using to show a client my
vision. what is life?

so i'm just going to share old photos i'm proud of until i have new
content. hope you all enjoy, and so good running into you here!

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  1. Self inspiration is the best thing to motivate yourself towards success. You are doing a great job in making yourself an inspirational person for others to follow.