Thursday, June 2, 2016


the other evening i met the lovely Miss Coco (aka Sara) at a rainbow
pizza event, and she asked me to write a guest blog post featuring
my favorite dessert spots in new york city. the link to my post can
be found here [and is essentially the same thing that you'll be
reading at spur of the moments], but i figured there's always room
for #foodporn on the internet. 

so let’s get down to the bread and butter (or, the chocolate and
waffle cones for that matter).

when Miss Coco asked me to feature my favorite dessert, i
immediately knew i had to do something familiar, yet innovative.
something nostalgic, yet totally modern. that is why i went to
dinnertable in the east village to feature their ADULT CHOCO TACO.

not only is the experience at dinnertable one of the most
exhilarating dining experiences in NYC (you have to ring a doorbell
to enter this speakeasy restaurant), but their food is up to par.

after nomming on potato dumplings (which may or may not have been
the most flavorful pillows i’ve ever put in my mouth), it was time
to dive into the real reason i visited this hidden gem; the sacred
adult choco taco.

upon seeing this familiarly shaped frozen treat, i was immediately
brought back to the summer of ‘99, when i’d literally chase down an
ice cream truck (or two) in order to sink my teeth into the most
inventive dessert offered. now that i’m 25 and have an actual
developed flavor palette, i can appreciate this upgraded classic
even more.

the waffle cone is perfectly crunchy and slightly sweet. The
espresso gelato has a deep, rich flavor that surpasses artificial
vanilla.  and the chocolate shell with chopped hazelnuts is the
ideal crunchy topping to initially sink one’s teeth into. the entire
dessert experience is decadent, comforting, and best of all, fun.

this dessert is hands down my favorite dessert in NYC. not only is
it beautiful (hello #eeeeeats pics), but it’s damn delicious.
anyway, stop reading this blog post, and go check out dinnertable
for yourself. Tell them Alexandra sent you 😉

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