Thursday, November 19, 2015


last night i was treated to a miraculous tour de Président cheese at
French Cheese Board courtesy of Lactalis where all of my wildest
dairy-induced fantasies came true. the events that occurred had to
be documented. here is what went down:

the evening began with a cheese and butter appetizer table aka the
most beautiful thing i had ever laid eyes on. there were unlimited
varieties of Président makes from cinnamon brie to valbreso feta,
bleu to camamebert. oh, and the butter. the sea-salty, creamy, rich
butter. i paired that cow’s gold with raisin-nut bread, sweet
spreads, and more cheese, because why not?

after consuming what was definitely an unhealthy amount, i met the
man of the hour, the myth, the legend, chef gavin kaysen [or gav, as
i nicknamed him].  chef gav got straight to business, and by
business i mean cooking, which is way more fun than business.

it all happened so fast. first, there was a wheel of brie in a mini
cast iron skillet, which we topped with fruit [i had grapes], thyme,
shallot, garlic, grape-must reduction, and olive oil. then it
disappeared, and i got really sad. luckily, i immediately forgot
about that when another hunk of brie was put at my station, which we
cut in half and sandwiched with sliced figs, pistachios and fig jam
[really??? come on].

then, gav brought me a slab of slate [yes, the rock] and started
spreading Président rondelé herb cheese all over it, topped it with
orange slices, fennel, fennel seeds, and fresh honey comb, and i
shed a tear. i scooped up that concoction with fresh baguette and my
tears quickly subsided.

after all that tasty distraction, the mystery of the disappearing
brie was solved when a hot, gooey, sweet, steamy cast iron skillet
was placed on my board. our baked brie was ready, and my baguette
was immediately drawn to it. that melted brie got all over my
baguette, my camera, my phone, my face, my hair, and thankfully, my
mouth, because it was the best thing i've ever tasted.

i didn’t even blink an eye and dessert was already being assembled. 
fresh crepe batter was poured onto my hot, buttered skillet [i still
don’t know who turned that thing on] and sizzling away. next thing i
knew, my crepe was perfectly golden and being filled with marinated
apples. we topped it with raspberries and mint, and it lived a very
short, but sweet life.

so after all that, i am sitting here feeling utterly groggy, but
undeniably satisfied.  i deserved all of that cheese, even if it
gave me weird dreams and some sort of dairy hang over. Président
cheese, you are too good to me, and i am so happy to have
experienced the flavors you offer at such a wonderful event. life
really is better when it's well-paired with cheese, butter, and more