Sunday, March 29, 2015


i know what you're thinking; this girl is still alive???!!! or
you're thinking the exact opposite if you follow my
instagram. either way, i'm sure you probably thought this blog
ceased to exist and/or no longer was property of its rightful domain
owner because of lack-of-activity [that wasn't about to happen... i

welp, i'm alive and well [well being a relative term], and really
fucking full thanks to the guys at black tap--the restaurant that
keeps it classic with an elevated twist. joe and tony both grew up
like me--frequenting diners and always starting the meal with a
milkshake. their newest spot replaces sticky nylon booths with
casual bar stools and sketchy mystery meat with high-quality
ingredients. little details like their napkin dispensers and glass
ketchup bottles create a nostalgic feel that any new yorker

the food is freaking amazing. ike [my brother] started off with a
black and white milkshake. i've been avoiding processed sugar
[because i'm insane], but ike "the milkshake expert" machover said
it was great and just the appetizer he needed.

i ordered the falafel "burger" salad, which is every
jewish girl's dream and was literallyyyy perfect. ike had the
classic "all american" burger and gave it two greasy thumbs up. and
as if we didn't have enough food already, joe and nick brought out
plethora of sides to be certain that we walked away satisfied.
and you guessed it; they were amazing too. onion rings? yes
teriyaki broccoli? yes. crispy brussels sprouts
with tahini dressing? fuck yes.

overall, this place has great vibes, great food, and great people.
these two passionate restaurant owners know what they're doing and,
more importantly, love what they're doing.

everyone must go check out black tap at 529 broome street in soho.
tell joe and tony i sent ya [i've always wanted to say that].