Thursday, November 19, 2015


last night i was treated to a miraculous tour de Président cheese at
French Cheese Board courtesy of Lactalis where all of my wildest
dairy-induced fantasies came true. the events that occurred had to
be documented. here is what went down:

the evening began with a cheese and butter appetizer table aka the
most beautiful thing i had ever laid eyes on. there were unlimited
varieties of Président makes from cinnamon brie to valbreso feta,
bleu to camamebert. oh, and the butter. the sea-salty, creamy, rich
butter. i paired that cow’s gold with raisin-nut bread, sweet
spreads, and more cheese, because why not?

after consuming what was definitely an unhealthy amount, i met the
man of the hour, the myth, the legend, chef gavin kaysen [or gav, as
i nicknamed him].  chef gav got straight to business, and by
business i mean cooking, which is way more fun than business.

it all happened so fast. first, there was a wheel of brie in a mini
cast iron skillet, which we topped with fruit [i had grapes], thyme,
shallot, garlic, grape-must reduction, and olive oil. then it
disappeared, and i got really sad. luckily, i immediately forgot
about that when another hunk of brie was put at my station, which we
cut in half and sandwiched with sliced figs, pistachios and fig jam
[really??? come on].

then, gav brought me a slab of slate [yes, the rock] and started
spreading Président rondelé herb cheese all over it, topped it with
orange slices, fennel, fennel seeds, and fresh honey comb, and i
shed a tear. i scooped up that concoction with fresh baguette and my
tears quickly subsided.

after all that tasty distraction, the mystery of the disappearing
brie was solved when a hot, gooey, sweet, steamy cast iron skillet
was placed on my board. our baked brie was ready, and my baguette
was immediately drawn to it. that melted brie got all over my
baguette, my camera, my phone, my face, my hair, and thankfully, my
mouth, because it was the best thing i've ever tasted.

i didn’t even blink an eye and dessert was already being assembled. 
fresh crepe batter was poured onto my hot, buttered skillet [i still
don’t know who turned that thing on] and sizzling away. next thing i
knew, my crepe was perfectly golden and being filled with marinated
apples. we topped it with raspberries and mint, and it lived a very
short, but sweet life.

so after all that, i am sitting here feeling utterly groggy, but
undeniably satisfied.  i deserved all of that cheese, even if it
gave me weird dreams and some sort of dairy hang over. Président
cheese, you are too good to me, and i am so happy to have
experienced the flavors you offer at such a wonderful event. life
really is better when it's well-paired with cheese, butter, and more


Sunday, October 4, 2015


there are 30+ items on my to-do list for this weekend, yet i find
myself laying in bed writing a blog post about pancakes i made
several months ago. this makes no sense for several reasons.

a) i thought my blog [along with many others] had died 
b) in the last ~year i haven't had a free moment to sit in front of
my computer and type anything other than hand-crafted emails 
c) i have a billion other things to get done today and probably
shouldn't be exerting energy into formatting photos to properly fit
my blogger template
d) i should be using this rare downtime to prep for a photo shoot i
have in nolita later this afternoon

but alas, here i am reflecting on my life over a short stack that i
didn't have the time or energy to post about until this very moment
where the temperature in my new williamsburg house is perfectly
crisp, where i have about 20 minutes to unwind until my jam-packed
day starts, where my boyfriend is still sleeping making me nervous
that we'll miss our small window to grab brunch, and where i feel
the need to be overtly expressive on some form of social media.

blogging is like a visually beautiful diary combined with a weird,
generation-y form of therapy except that everyone can read it and
there's no privacy policy whatsoever. and now that i'm actually
doing it again, after a while of forgetting about it, i think i need
it. it keeps me grounded and slows me down for a bit. just like the
slow drizzle of that maple syrup on those gluten free, vegan
pancakes i created above. recipe below. you should really try to
make them yourself. have a great sunday ya'll.



​Dry Ingredients:
-1 cup buckwheat flour (I used Bob's Red Mill 
Organic Buckwheat Flour)
-1 cup Oat Flour (Can use Bob's or grind up 
Quick Cook oats in a food processor)
-2 teaspoons baking powder
-1/2 teaspoon salt
-1 teaspoon cinnamon

Wet Ingredients:
-1 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
-2 Tablespoons organic maple syrup
-2 teaspoons vanilla extract
-1 tablespoon canola oil
-2 overripe bananas (mashed)

-mini Justin's Peanut Butter Cups (dark and milk chocolate)


Mix dry ingredients. In a separate bowl, mix wet ingredients.
Combine wet and dry with a spatula until just combined. Cook like
you would normal pancakes. Once cooked, smother with Justin's peanut
butter cups and maple syrup. Sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Saturday, June 6, 2015


spring in new york city is always magical, but for some reason this

year seems more special than all previous. maybe it's because i
reside in one of the most fairytale-like neighborhoods in brooklyn-
carroll gardens. or maybe it's because i've been taking advantage of
my [very limited] free time more than ever before. or maybe it's
because living in new york city gets better year after year; each
year you figure another thing out that makes living in this somewhat
of a hell-hole bearable and actually enjoyable. each year i meet
more people, i meet better people, i do more interesting things, and
i embrace every moment of it.

okay now that my introspective rant is over, there's another special
part about spring that i haven't touched on--food. and when a
refreshing menu is combined with good people, fantastic weather, and
a lovely restaurant, there's really no better combination.

Gran Morsi encompasses all of these things, and i had the privilege
of trying their recently launched spring menu the other evening.
developed by the brilliant chef Kenneth Johnson(a Chopped Champion
and future contestant on Beat Bobby Flay), this menu is impeccable.
restaurant owner [and friend/partner in dining], Vip, let me taste a
few a lot of the best dishes Chef had to offer, and Chef helped me
decide what to order for my unique palette. thankfully Vip
also assisted me in eating all [yes all] of this food. here's what
we ordered:

-black linguine
-burrata [per chef's recommendation]
-mixed berry cobbler
-fried doughnuts

and as you all may know, i'm at Gran Morsi often [ex A, ex B, ex C,

ex D], so other things i've tried that you must order are the
sheep's milk ricotta app, the sheep's milk ricotta ravioli, the
mushroom-truffle pizza, the fried calamari, the octopus, the
artichokes, the salmon, the skate, and... well... everything else.

so if you couldn't tell after my gushing of this Tribeca gem, Gran

Morsi is a place you all must visit [and visit often enough to try
just about everything on the menu]. you may even run into me
photographing my pizza while Vip shines a flashlight on it [that
doesn't happen often... i swear].

Sunday, March 29, 2015


i know what you're thinking; this girl is still alive???!!! or
you're thinking the exact opposite if you follow my
instagram. either way, i'm sure you probably thought this blog
ceased to exist and/or no longer was property of its rightful domain
owner because of lack-of-activity [that wasn't about to happen... i

welp, i'm alive and well [well being a relative term], and really
fucking full thanks to the guys at black tap--the restaurant that
keeps it classic with an elevated twist. joe and tony both grew up
like me--frequenting diners and always starting the meal with a
milkshake. their newest spot replaces sticky nylon booths with
casual bar stools and sketchy mystery meat with high-quality
ingredients. little details like their napkin dispensers and glass
ketchup bottles create a nostalgic feel that any new yorker

the food is freaking amazing. ike [my brother] started off with a
black and white milkshake. i've been avoiding processed sugar
[because i'm insane], but ike "the milkshake expert" machover said
it was great and just the appetizer he needed.

i ordered the falafel "burger" salad, which is every
jewish girl's dream and was literallyyyy perfect. ike had the
classic "all american" burger and gave it two greasy thumbs up. and
as if we didn't have enough food already, joe and nick brought out
plethora of sides to be certain that we walked away satisfied.
and you guessed it; they were amazing too. onion rings? yes
teriyaki broccoli? yes. crispy brussels sprouts
with tahini dressing? fuck yes.

overall, this place has great vibes, great food, and great people.
these two passionate restaurant owners know what they're doing and,
more importantly, love what they're doing.

everyone must go check out black tap at 529 broome street in soho.
tell joe and tony i sent ya [i've always wanted to say that].