Sunday, September 21, 2014


it doesn't take much to prove my point about chalk point kitchen
being one of the best brunch spots in new york city, but i figured
i'd make the effort since i absolutely love the place [and the

atmosphere:  the decor of this spacious restaurant makes me
feel like i'm grabbing dinner off of route 66 [if route 66 ran
through soho].  its country chic vibe prepares me for the homey meal
i'm about to devour, while andrew andrew spinning [and
actually playing good music] reminds me that i am in fact dining at
a new york city restaurant [i love those guys].

food:  i literally dreamt about those cinnamon rolls
last night, woke up thinking i was eating one, and then cried myself
back to sleep knowing that that moment had passed.  the food
is incredible.  the avocado hash was unreal, apparently the bloody
mary was the best travis has ever had, and the avocado toast
was spectacular.  it's farm-to-table, fresh, filling [they do
not skimp on portions], and flavorful.  good thing i'll be back
monday evening for dinner!

service:  i always judge service at a restaurant based off of how
many times i have to ask for my water glass to be refilled.  well, i
didn't have to ask once.  and the water was cucumber infused.  chalk
point; you win at life.  your staff is awesome, stylish, down to
earth, talkative, cool, and best of all, attentive, making it an
absolute pleasure to dine here.

if the above foodporn [and insta fooporn], adorable decor, and
dapper DJs aren't enough to convince you, then go check out chalk
point yourself.  and remember kids, don't forget to instagram your
food [and tag @chalkpointnyc]!

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