Sunday, August 24, 2014


wood fire ovens?  gourmet flavor combinations? subway
tiles? everything i thought i knew about new york city bagels has
been challenged, and i'm surprisingly okay with it.  

travis and i checked out black seed bagels--the charming, hip
soho cafe that is reinventing a new york staple--to experience
what everyone has been talking [well, instagramming] about.  

t ordered the ricotta with apple and honey on a sesame
flagel, and i got two eggs, avocado, tomato, and cheddar on
an everything.  these bagels get more love and attention
than newborn child, and it shows.  the texture was fantastic
[slightly more dense than what we were used to, but still great],
the ingredients were super fresh and the flavors were perfectly
on par [seriously, that whole ricotta situation made me question
my entire existence as a bagel-eating jewish woman].  

so if you ever find yourself searching aimlessly for a bagel
place in soho [and failing miserably... we've all been there],
just google maps your way to 170 elizabeth street for a redefined
version of this familiar breakfast treat.

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