Tuesday, July 22, 2014


i know you're all dying to see part II of birthday essentials,
but first, let me take a selfie...... in order to shamelessly
endorse this face wash.  let me elaborate: one day, the generous
chicks of clear clinic reached out to me and asked if i'd test
their t2 facial cleaner.  normally when something has the phrases
"acne treatment" and "sulfur face wash" written all over it, i
interpret that as "peeling and burning" and then proceed to run
very quickly in the other direction.  but after much internal
deliberation, i decided to give this stuff an honest try... and
to be completely truthful, it rocks.

not only did it leave me with super clear skin, but it treated
problems that i didn't know a face wash was capable of treating
[ie: bad dry skin].  little did i know, all of that moisturizing
i was doing each morning was a waste of time [and lotion]; t2
hydrated those seemingly incurable dry patches within one week.
it also left my skin blemish-free.  you know those ubiquitous,
ever-existing black pores that seem to have a longer lifespan
than cockroaches? gone.

now that i'm on my second bottle, i realize how great it was to
try a new product [one that i was sincerely reluctant to test]
and have it actually work.  julie and melissa, you converted a
non-believer!  i genuinely recommend this product to either
people who are suffering from acne or people who break out from
and learn more about clear clinic's other dermatological services

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