Thursday, July 24, 2014


i told you there were a lot of photos...

anyway, here are the rest of the things i deem essential in order
to have the best. birthday. ever

6. handmade birthday banner - there's something refreshing about
featuring one unique decoration rather than a plethora that have
just rolled off the assembly line.  this banner took me 3x longer
to make than the cake topper version, which must mean it's 3x
more special, right? once again... worth it!

7.  goodie bags - what better way to show your friends you
appreciate them coming to your very last-minute party than to
leave them with cute-ass mini popcorn bags filled with candy?
none.  that's what.

8. friends - i always say this, but i am nothing without
my friends.  you all bring joy to my life and sanity to my
brain.  new york city wouldn't be the same if i didn't have
such wonderful people to share it with.  i'm so grateful to have
been surrounded by those closest to me on the night of my
birthday, even though i gave 48 hours notice [in true spur of
the moments fashion, i planned this party two days in
advance...oops!].  thanks for coming, ya'll.  hope you had as
much fun as i did.

9.  food - truffle mac n' cheese?  baked fries?  more
cupcakes? don't mind if i do.

10.  no inhibitions - loosen up.  this is a birthday party, not
an awards ceremony.  my hair was frizzy, my body was sweaty, my
face was sticky, and i gave no fucks.  i had one of the most
memorable nights of my life with some of my favorite people at
the most perfect location, and nothing [not even unbearable
humidity after a full day of work] could have ruined that.

okay so these 10 items aren't really essential--you could have
your birthday party on the L platform for all i care--but they
definitely enhance a day that's already awesome.  when it comes
down to it, all that matters is that you're surrounded by [and
singing with] the people you love, you're eating dank food, and
you're feeling good.  the night i turned 24 was one of the most
memorable nights of my life, and i can't wait for the rest of
this year to be just as memorable.


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