Wednesday, July 30, 2014


treated myself to dairy free, processed-sugar free, pretty much
fat free "bananas foster ice cream" the other night.  all i did
was peel some ripe bananas the night before, freeze them, throw
them into a food processor (i kept blending and scraping down the
sides until it reached a creamy consistency), add some cinnamon
and dessert was complete.

wait... this delicious, rich, satisfying treat wasn't ice cream?
first my eyes were fooled and then my taste buds fell susceptible
to this trickery.  

shame on me? shame on nobody.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014



this vintage snake belt has been wrapped around my waist since
the moment i bought it. let's just be thankful it's not living.


Thursday, July 24, 2014


i told you there were a lot of photos...

anyway, here are the rest of the things i deem essential in order
to have the best. birthday. ever

6. handmade birthday banner - there's something refreshing about
featuring one unique decoration rather than a plethora that have
just rolled off the assembly line.  this banner took me 3x longer
to make than the cake topper version, which must mean it's 3x
more special, right? once again... worth it!

7.  goodie bags - what better way to show your friends you
appreciate them coming to your very last-minute party than to
leave them with cute-ass mini popcorn bags filled with candy?
none.  that's what.

8. friends - i always say this, but i am nothing without
my friends.  you all bring joy to my life and sanity to my
brain.  new york city wouldn't be the same if i didn't have
such wonderful people to share it with.  i'm so grateful to have
been surrounded by those closest to me on the night of my
birthday, even though i gave 48 hours notice [in true spur of
the moments fashion, i planned this party two days in
advance...oops!].  thanks for coming, ya'll.  hope you had as
much fun as i did.

9.  food - truffle mac n' cheese?  baked fries?  more
cupcakes? don't mind if i do.

10.  no inhibitions - loosen up.  this is a birthday party, not
an awards ceremony.  my hair was frizzy, my body was sweaty, my
face was sticky, and i gave no fucks.  i had one of the most
memorable nights of my life with some of my favorite people at
the most perfect location, and nothing [not even unbearable
humidity after a full day of work] could have ruined that.

okay so these 10 items aren't really essential--you could have
your birthday party on the L platform for all i care--but they
definitely enhance a day that's already awesome.  when it comes
down to it, all that matters is that you're surrounded by [and
singing with] the people you love, you're eating dank food, and
you're feeling good.  the night i turned 24 was one of the most
memorable nights of my life, and i can't wait for the rest of
this year to be just as memorable.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


i know you're all dying to see part II of birthday essentials,
but first, let me take a selfie...... in order to shamelessly
endorse this face wash.  let me elaborate: one day, the generous
chicks of clear clinic reached out to me and asked if i'd test
their t2 facial cleaner.  normally when something has the phrases
"acne treatment" and "sulfur face wash" written all over it, i
interpret that as "peeling and burning" and then proceed to run
very quickly in the other direction.  but after much internal
deliberation, i decided to give this stuff an honest try... and
to be completely truthful, it rocks.

not only did it leave me with super clear skin, but it treated
problems that i didn't know a face wash was capable of treating
[ie: bad dry skin].  little did i know, all of that moisturizing
i was doing each morning was a waste of time [and lotion]; t2
hydrated those seemingly incurable dry patches within one week.
it also left my skin blemish-free.  you know those ubiquitous,
ever-existing black pores that seem to have a longer lifespan
than cockroaches? gone.

now that i'm on my second bottle, i realize how great it was to
try a new product [one that i was sincerely reluctant to test]
and have it actually work.  julie and melissa, you converted a
non-believer!  i genuinely recommend this product to either
people who are suffering from acne or people who break out from
and learn more about clear clinic's other dermatological services

Sunday, July 20, 2014


 the hardest part about pulling together
this birthday essentials post has been admitting to myself that
this magical night is over.  re-visiting these images has got me
feeling nostalgic, happy, sad and hungry all at the same time,
which is probably why i've been avoiding it.  i was honestly on
cloud nine for about a week and a half after having my birthday
party at sweet revenge--one of the most lovely restaurants in the
west village.  the staff was so kind as to let my friends and me
take over the joint and transform it into what was essentially
pinterest birthday board meets a cappella flashmob.

and since there were about a billion photos on my and the
brooklyn wolf's memory cards, i figured i'd break this post into
two so as to feature as many photos as possible.  without further
ado, here is part I of my weekly curate for july 20th: all things
essential to make the most memorable birthday ever.

1.  balloons - choosing colors may have been more difficult than
carrying two dozen on the subway...

2.  artisanal cupcakes - on my birthday, i treat myself right
 sweet revenge doesn't mess around with basic flavors;  their
cupcakes are sophisticated, complex, and absolutely divine.  you
know what they say: go artisanal or go to gristedes.

3.  a great venue - aside from having the best cupcakes in town,
sweet revenge is absolutely adorable.  this quaint restaurant is
lined with subway tiles and dark, reclaimed lumber, giving it
that warm, homey feel.  the open windows brought that cool
summer-night air into the party, and dim lighting kept a relaxed
mood throughout the evening.  with a friendly, attentive staff,
this restaurant was the ideal environment for my serene 24th
birthday celebration. 

4.  a special outfit - it's impossible to overdress
on your birthday [even if it falls on a wednesday... no shame!].
was decked out in ornaments with this sequin top from
h&mlavender heels with colorful lucite details by miista, and
pink jewel kate spade earrings that were a gift from my best
friend jessica last year.  a white structured skirt from MADE by
macys pulled the whole thing together. felt like a diva, which
is the way it oughta be when you're turning 24 in the best city
in the world.

5.  handmade cake topper - this tiny thing took me over an hour
to make... worth it!

more of this birthday essentials weekly curate coming up shortly!

**special shout out to sole struck for a) having these shoes in
my size and b) hooking it up with a sweet discount. you ladies


Thursday, July 17, 2014


i present to you all the cupcake that has got my blood pumping
faster than the 4 train during rush hour [waiiiiit never mind
about that reference].  

carly and i picked up this salted caramel
beaut from empire cake after attending an ok magazine ciroc party
[? i have no idea ?], leaving me with an intense sugar rush
right before bed.  now have all of the energy in the world,
which i am exulting into editing all of the photos on my hard
drive that i've been meaning to blog about.  before the
inevitable sugar crash, i promise to queue up some blog posts so
that i can continue to share my unfiltered
thoughts and selectively filtered photos with you all. 


Monday, July 7, 2014


i don't know if you can tell, but i am excited to
be working with this guy.  so excited, in fact, that i
prepared this fancy magazine-esque spread for my readers to
enjoy.  so pop this puppy into full screen and get lost in
another person's brain besides mine, for once.  i'm sure you'll
find that travis is an interesting, creative, forward
thinking individual whose words/ideas deserve the 10+ hours of
graphic design labor it took me to prepare this editorial-like
interview [i really need a class on inDesign if anyone's
offering......seriously, email me].

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


for those of you who avidly follow
my instagram, you've probably noticed the occasional
shout out to @wolvesinthedarkand you're probably wondering who
this dog is.  well, here is the official introduction of 
THE BRKLYN WOLF to the SPUR OF THE MOMENTS audience.  travis is
my new bee eff eff/partner in blogging, who just so happens to
share my love for coffee, new york city, instagram/social media,
brooklyn, brunch, and super clean aesthetics. he is also
an incredibly talented photographer

travis and i will be delivering weekly curates of all things
new york city that you must know about.  from designers
to restaurants, bands to bakeries, we'll be narrowing down the
best of the best and discovering the best of the unknown so you
don't have to.

so join travis spier THE BRKLYN WOLF and i on
this epic journey of coffee, dining, fashion, friendship, fun,
adventures, and, well... more coffee.  if you'd like
our weekly curates delivered straight to your door [or inbox,
rather], join our mailing listif you have suggestions of things
we must try/know about, or if you just want to say hi, email us!

an interview featuring the man of the hour, comin' up next!