Tuesday, May 6, 2014


lots of eating happened this weekend [as it always does when
visitors are in town] and lots of photos were taken.  so many, in
fact, that i had to break up the breakdown of this past weekend
into three parts: food, friends, and fotos [alliteration is cute,
right?... right???!].  

anyway, here is part I of the triple-f trilogy: food.  the
pictured items were consumed by either my friends, my family,
myself, all of the above, or none of the above.  

in order:

-joe: soy latte [me]

-bantam bagels: everything & pb+j [no one and me]

-bleecker st pizza: white slice & chicken parm [jessica and eli]

-katz's deli: blueberry blintzes & sour pickle [josh aka
"j thang" and me.  josh- you officially blintzed my blog.  and
no, i'm not giving you credit for coming up with that!]

-katz's deli: cheesesteak, potato latkes & two pastramis [alex
aka "apple pie", kelsie+me, carl, and nick]

-katz's deli: dafuq?  i can't even address this... [noah]

-red hook lobster @ smorgasburg: tuscan style lobster roll [bert and me]

-home frite @ smorgasburg: fry cone with truffle mayo [jessica and eli]

-the good batch @ smorgasburg: goodwich ice cream
sandwich [jessica, eli and bert]

-northern territory: whiskey cooler carafe [jessica, eli and bert]

-mister softee: chocolate dipped vanilla cone [jessica]

-le pain quotidien- organic carrot cake [jessica]

-uva- salmon with roasted endive and asparagus [ike and me]

-uva- espresso [me]

i have a feeling this is going to be a popular one.
#foodporn #satisfied #amirite?

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