Friday, April 4, 2014


i know what you're thinking: why is a jewish girl like you,
alexandra, preparing the least jewish dish ever--deviled eggs? 
well i'll tell you, curious reader.  i was inspired by this dish
from fresh roast cafe and realized that the fusion of a
traditional jewish delicacy [smoked white fish] and a traditional
church dish [deviled eggs] was just about the best damn thing
i've ever experienced.  so here is my version of the better
deviled egg [without measurements, because the only measuring
tool you need to prepare these is common sense, really]:

2.  once cooled, cut in half and scoop out yolks into a bowl
3.  add mayo to yolks (enough to make it creamy, but not too rich)
4.  add brown mustard, garlic powder, salt & pepper
5. remove all of the meat from a smoked trout [be careful of
bones... those things are practically invisible]
6.  add the fish to the yolks, but don't break it up
too much; it's nice to have a little bit of texture in each bite
7.  use a small spoon to scoop the mixture back into the egg
whites [if you're feeling really ambitious, you can use a piping
bag with a large star tip]
8.  top with chopped scallions and smoked paprika
8.  eat at least a dozen within the next five minutes

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