Friday, April 25, 2014


i love giving gifts. i also love wrapping them. what i don't
like, however, are those tacky gift bags from the drugstore that
are designed for either a five-year-old girl's princess-themed
birthday party or a thirteen-year-old boy's, sorry, man's bar
mitzvah [i'm looking at you, duane reade in union square].

so instead of settling, i utilized my resources [aka my
collection of recycled bags, ribbons, paper, twine, etc] to find
a more aesthetically pleasing wrapping option while
simultaneously being eco-friendly!

i used an old aritzia bag [which i find to be absolutely gorgeous
on its own] and painted the top with gesso to cover up the
logo/create texture over the graphic.  for the "tissue paper", i
fringed two long pieces of left over wrapping paper with scissors
and layered the pieces in the bag.  the gifts are wrapped using
that same paper and black twine for texture.

not to get all public service announcement-y on you all, but see
what you have in your home before rushing to buy wrapping
paper/gift bags.  you might be able to conjure something that is
way more interesting, unique, and totally thoughtful.  happy
birthday, jessica!  can't wait for you to open this.

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