Saturday, April 12, 2014


holy shit, i've been busy.  but that is something i am
not complaining about.  busy is good.  here's what i've been up
to in the past week:

1.  running - i'm back on a running routine, and i've been
snapping photos of scenery along the way [i'm quite the

  2.  food - tacos with rebecca at calexico, diner with my
brother, beautifully frosted cupcakes at billy's.  

3.  punderdome 3000 - honestly one of the best new york city
[more specifically, brooklyn] experiences i've had in my entire
life.  it's basically like a rap battle but with puns.  my friend
[and fellow BLACKOUT member], noah, participated in it.  he did
great.  the judges made fun of him.  we all laughed.  i
highly recommend going. 

4.  brooklyn bowl - i subbed on my friend [and fellow BLACKOUT
member], carly's team since her roommie couldn't make it.  it was
fun.  i made more friends and we danced in peoples faces.  i suck
at bowling, but whatever.

speaking of BLACKOUT, i have a show tonight... and as i mentioned
on my facebook, if you are my friend and are in new york city
and do not attend my concert, then you are dead to me.  
more info here. :D

anyway, there is lots to do before this show, including
attending a meat mrkt launch event with my friend ryan of swgnt
and coffee n' clothes.  we will be sure to take some photos in
the two hours that we have together and share them with all of you.

wow... i gotta run.  let the business ensue!

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