Tuesday, March 25, 2014


i've been finding so many wonderful things at so many
wonderful stores lately [and buying said wonderful things], which
i am justifying by the fact that i took six-month shopping
hiatus in 2013.

this week's finds include:

-paige denim jeans from bloomies [store credit + denim days = i
get what i want]
-tibi shirt from beacon's closet
-saks fifth ave flannel from 10ft single by stella dallas
[officially my favorite vintage store]
-coach bucket bag also from 10ft single
-michael kors platform sneakers from bloomies [because the h&m
ones make my feet itch sometimes...tmi?]
-the vintage moschino purse i already own [and flaunt on the

the rest of my weekly finds are at the dry cleaner getting their
thrift shop stank removed, so i'll share them with you as soon as
that process is completed.

oh, i almost forgot to mention; if you dig my style and want to
own things that i own but not longer want to own, now's your
chance!  i'll be selling a ton of things on depop--this awesome
app that is super easy to use and only carries the best of the
best.  follow me: @alexandrahelafaye, and buy my shit!

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