Tuesday, July 16, 2013


what do you get when you combine a salt craving with a sudden
health kick?  homemade baked potato chips with a fat-free, greek
yogurt-based, french onion dip.  

for the chips, just slice a russet potato as thinly as you can
[use a mandelin if your knife skills are nonexistent].  coat each
piece in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  lay evenly
on a nonstick cookie sheet [i had to use two].  bake at 400 for
about 30 minutes, flipping halfway through.  take them out of the
oven when they are golden brown and perfectly crispy.

pair them with this french onion dip and watch them vanish right
before your eyes.

note to reader:  make 5 batches of these.  they go fast.
another note to reader:  make these with a friend otherwise you
will. eat. all of it.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


my #weekend in #AC with #erikcross was #unforgettable... and

for our last meal, we ventured off the straight and narrow
boardwalk to girasole,  one of my favorite restaurants in
atlantic city.  and although that was was the only environment
suitable for my t3i [sand and cameras don't really mix], you can
view more photos [and hashtags] from our trip #here.

Monday, July 8, 2013


alexandra and erik arrive at sweet revenge, "the nation's only
restaurant with a cupcake, beer, & wine bar."


"this place is so f*cking cute."


"i knew you'd love it."

alexandra orders the "dirty" cupcake with an iced coffee, and
erik chooses to pair the "pure" with a nice, tall hefe weiss. 
they eat their dessert [which was unbelievably decadent] and move
onto the best part of the night... opening presents!  alexandra
unwraps a perfectly wrapped present... and then another
present... and then another present... and then another present,


"this is the never-ending supply of gifts.  and this is the best
birthday of my entire life."

alexandra and erik leave sweet revenge arm-in-arm and end the
night with a glamorous subway ride home.

the end.


a note from the playwright:

seriously, my birthday was amazing.  i am [still] so appreciative
of how loved everyone in my life made me feel just for being
born!  i'm sure all of the beautiful gifts i received will
organically make an appearance on spur of the moments in the near
future. special thanks to my parents, my brother, my amazing
friends, and my goy toy i mean boyfriend, erik.  can't wait for
next year.


act II:

alexandra exits the cab at 210 spring street.  she enters
aquagrill where she is greeted by a handsome norwegian man at a
table for two.


"happy birthday"


"thank you... let's eat!"

they proceed to dine like royaltya salmon tartare sampling,
the best cornbread ever, chilled cauliflower and shrimp soup,
fried soft-shell crab, salmon over wild mushrooms and green beans
with a truffle butter sauce, & mediterranean bronzino over gnocci
and spinach with a pesto cream.


"i'm full... let's get dessert!"

alexandra and erik exit the restaurant and begin walking to their
next destination. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013


as if i wasn't obnoxious enough via social media about my
birthday, here is the three-act summary of what one would assume
to be a script for a play and not actually real life.

act I:

alexandra treats herself to a $20 mani+pedi... $20!
she then proceeds to buy the girliest dress she can find at
aritzia...on sale.
she returns home to find flowers.


"who are these from?"

she reads the card to discover that the mysterious flower-giver
was erik.  she smiles, puts the flowers on her coffee table, and
goes downstairs to check her mail.


"what is this peculiar package?"

alexandra opens a package to find a thoughtful gift from her best
friend/sister from another mister, jessica--pink kate spade
earrings to go with her pink dress [THANK YOU!].


"how convenient!  i will pair these earrings with my new dress
and with my nude kelsi dagger heels.  i can't wait for dinner!"

alexandra leaves her apartment and takes a cab to soho to meet
erik for dinner.

end act I.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


lately my life has consisted of birthday shenanigans, aritzia on
steroids, and flowers [among other things].  i swear i will fill
you in on all the details.  better late than never, right?