Thursday, May 16, 2013


diplo wearing moss clothing's american spirit tee
major lazer sporting moss's alphabet city tee
justine pierre in a magic carpet tank
alex agard in moss's newest collection
diplo greeting his audience

what do you get when you combine two ridiculous[ly good-looking]
djs with one ridiculous[ly awesome] brand?  moss clothing's
summer 2013 lookbook, which i honestly cannot keep my eyes off
of.  maybe it's because i have a tiny huge crush on diplo [i
mean...who doesn't?], or maybe it's the cool miami vibe that has
got my eyes glued.  either way, this lookbook has got me jonesing
for a weekend getaway while motivating me to incorporate bold
patterns and unisex tees to my summer wardrobe.

if you're feeling the same way i am, get your ass to their
online store and enter the promo code SPUR2013 to get 20% off
your purchase!  this promotion will only be in effect this
weekend [may 10th-may 12th] so get it while you can.


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