Friday, May 31, 2013


here are some of my favorite looks that i think you should take a
look at from designer jonathan simhai's spring/summer 2013
lookbook.  looks like shopping has just made its way onto the
weekend agenda!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


since i haven't blogged in what feels like months, i figured i'd
give you another taste of what i've been doing in the
interimeating.  the fish & chips from penelope never fail, and
their hummus plate has introduced me to what is now my favorite
flavor combinationgreen apples and hummus [seriously; you must
try].  and although i didn't treat myself to any baked goods,
they were just too darn cute not to photograph.  they are not,
however, too cute to leave me regretting my decision to skip

Monday, May 27, 2013


and she's bringing you pictures of food.  
you can't be mad at me for slacking if i'm showing you delectable
brunch dishes from the smith, right?  

Thursday, May 16, 2013


diplo wearing moss clothing's american spirit tee
major lazer sporting moss's alphabet city tee
justine pierre in a magic carpet tank
alex agard in moss's newest collection
diplo greeting his audience

what do you get when you combine two ridiculous[ly good-looking]
djs with one ridiculous[ly awesome] brand?  moss clothing's
summer 2013 lookbook, which i honestly cannot keep my eyes off
of.  maybe it's because i have a tiny huge crush on diplo [i
mean...who doesn't?], or maybe it's the cool miami vibe that has
got my eyes glued.  either way, this lookbook has got me jonesing
for a weekend getaway while motivating me to incorporate bold
patterns and unisex tees to my summer wardrobe.

if you're feeling the same way i am, get your ass to their
online store and enter the promo code SPUR2013 to get 20% off
your purchase!  this promotion will only be in effect this
weekend [may 10th-may 12th] so get it while you can.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


as many of you have noticed [and have congratulated me for], i
now have an iphone [r.i.p. blackie].  but what you don't know is
how i got that iphone.  i had to get creative [literally] in
order to update my cellphone situation.  above is the work in
progress that is being exchanged for a 4S, and, in return,
welcoming me the twenty-first century.  a painting for an
iphone+keeping up with the times? 
i'd say that's a pretty fair trade.

Friday, May 10, 2013


shoes with sass?  now that's my kind of slipper!  

if only these winking wonders came in heels...

Monday, May 6, 2013


as you can [probably] tell by my blowing up facebook at two in
the morning, spur of the moments has an instagram [finally]. 
follow me here, and prepare to instantly see even more moments in
my life.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


no, this hasn't turned into a sex-advice column, and no, that
bullet-like object is not what you think it is [perv].  this, my
friends, is the universal atomizer by sephora  a re-fillable
perfume bottle that allows you to carry your signature scent
without having to lug it around in it's original, heavy bottle
[yes, i've done that before].  the fact that a sphritz of d&g 3
is  conveniently accessible has truly made me a changed woman
[and a fine-smelling one at that].  it's amazing what such a
small tool can do...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013



okay, so i guess i do have something to show for being in
chicago.  and that is three items i scored during my time in the
windy city.  hudson jeans from nordstrom rack, a j.w. anderson
top from topshop, and a bycorpus vest from urban outfitters'
surplus store all managed to sneak into my suitcase at little
cost [and have found their way to the streets of new york].  

like i tweeted earlier, "nordstrom rack chicago never fails me"
[and neither did any other stores, for that matter].


i went to chicago for five days to visit my best friend sister,
jessica, and this is pretty much all i got to show for it.  my
camera was stationed in jessica's apartment for most of the trip,
particularly because we ran to just about every activity [yes,
running as in exercise].  so although i ate some delicious meals,
saw some fabulous views, and made tons of unforgettable memories,
all of that will have to be left up to the imagination [or if
you're friends with me on facebook you can live vicariously
through whatever photos i am tagged in].