Thursday, March 28, 2013


celebrating passover?  here, let me torture you.
while this breakfast may not be k for p, it is definitely kosher
for life, tastebuds, and for those of us who have long days. 
it's an oatmeal raisin cookie in a bowl [minus the cookie, plus
the healthy], and it will change your life...even if that's in
six days from now.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


a trip to brooklyn today got me about fifty pounds worth of
vintage national geographic magazines, all gratis [courtesy of a
nice man named mr. browne].  and although i had to whip out the
big guns to shlep these things on the subway, the strenuous
effort was worth getting my hands on some heavy
art[supply]illery.  now these weapons of mass creation are at
base camp and ready to be put to good use.  

make art, not war. 

Friday, March 22, 2013


i'm tired and dirty.  and this beanie hides half of that.  it
doesn't, however, hide my lack of shame.  
happy [dirty] weekend!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


vegetables are a vital part of a well-balanced diet, and in my
world, so are cupcakes.  i've obviously decided to combine the
two into one indulgent, unhealthy, sugary healthy recipe! feel
free to add diced, candied ginger to the batter, or sprinkle some
chopped pecans on top for even more nutrients.  and if you're
really health-conscious like, me you'll be sure to eat at least
two of these cupcakes a day until there are none left.  enjoy!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


how could i possibly be productive when there is a shiny,
untouched pair of marc fisher sandals sitting three feet away
from my desk?  to answer that question: i can't.  rather than
accomplishing my list of "things to do", i've spent most of my
day exploring [and photographing] the endless outfit combinations
that involve a sheer sandal.  one of said combos is this
boyfriend jean+nude shirt duo.
more fabulous looks starring these distracting heels soon to come
on spur of the moments, and once mother nature stops being a
temperamental bitch, i'll be able to employ these ideas into my
real life wardrobe!

Monday, March 18, 2013


i told you my weekend involved macy's.

so much to photograph, so few friends who are good at taking
photographs.  hm...


a weekend spent further mastering the geography of macy's herald
square has familiarized me with yet another brand.  and while
i've always been a fan of moschino, i can now say that i love
love moschino.  i also double love the fact that moschino has an
online boutique, which my online-window-shopping-addicted self
can view at any desired moment.  oh and i triple love the pieces

Thursday, March 14, 2013


the direction in which i take a piece of art is usually up in the
air until i physically start working.  so after finally getting
started on my next painting, it looks like this one is a girl
there's pink all aroundon my hands, on my feet, on my floor,
and [most importantly] on my wood panel.  and of course i had to
use pink glitter to make this process even more obnoxious. 
at least there are no dirty diapers...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


my first world problem of the day: not receiving my jewelry
making tools and art shipments all at once.  i will stare at my
imitation-silk cord and pink glitter in agony until the rest of
my supplies arrive.  this inability to execute my ideas is more
torture than my ear infection, and that's saying a lot.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


a heavy dose of steroids [i'm serious] has left me slightly dizzy
and bedridden for the entire day, which i [obviously] spent
watching food network... what else would i do?  so after drooling
at my tv all day, i managed to drag my ear-infected [hungry] self
to fairway to grab the necessary ingredients to test ina garten's
baked sweet potato "fries" recipe.  

besides for cutting my potatoes differently and soaking the raw
fries in cold water for about five minutes and then drying them
[to ensure crispiness],  i followed the recipe pretty
literally... and it was absolutely delicious... and this is not
so shocking considering ina never fails at calculating the
perfect recipe.

no 'roid rage here.  i'm one happy [and full] recipe tester!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

my hypochondria seems to be kicking in again; i have several new
self-diagnoses, one of which is that i am allergic to winter,
which in turn hinders my creativity when the weather sucks.  this
means that living in a temperate climate makes me a temperate
blogger; bad weather? no bloggy.  good weather? good bloggy.  and
after having a bright, sunny, spring-y weekend, you can only
imagine how active my brain is right now.

accessories from zara, artists from american two shot, and j.w.
anderson for topshop are just some of the things bringing me out
of a long, overdue blogging hibernation.  more to come [assuming
this weather keeps warm].

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


while surfing the internet last night i received a call from my
82 year old grandma insisting demanding that i go and buy myself
a simple, classic trench coat.  well apparently grandma eva and i
have some sort of telepathic connection, because she read my
mind!  in fact, moments before she called i was bookmarking
several trenches that i thought were reasonably priced and
elegantly tailored [like the ones above].   so i guess that means
i'll have to go shopping today.  gotta respect your elders,

Monday, March 4, 2013


i think i may have been converted to veganism after hanging out
with a san francisco resident three times this week and after
eating at babycakes [with said san francisco resident] yesterday

this sweet little bakery located in the lower east side initially
appealed to me in with its charming aesthetic, retro decor, and
small-town feel.  then it completely won me over after i tried
[and managed to share] three doughnut holes, banana bread, and a
biscuit.  not only were these the best vegan treats i've ever
tasted, but they are some of the best baked goods i've had in
general [yeah, i went there].

basically, babycakes is a cute shop with a good atmosphere run by
cool people that serve high quality, homemade, delicious
sweets... and it may have turned spur of the moments vegan.

[verification of previous statement will occur upon next food post]