Wednesday, February 27, 2013


out of all the new things i've gotten, i felt the need to show
off this elephant creamer that i bought at pearl river market [my
new favorite store] in soho.  it is just so damn cute... and
practical for my coffee drinking habits!  oh and my h&m floral
shirt [another new thing] is the supporting role in this post.


K.E.N.Z.O !

this is me bridging the gap between blackout a cappella and spur
of the moments with design+fashion.  i'm on "sweatshirt design
committee," and i'm using kenzo [we're not fucking around here,
people] as my number one inspiration. because we are better than
screen printed american apparel hoodies... just saying...

Monday, February 25, 2013


um... currently researching where one gets a pair of monogrammed
smoking flats.  and obviously doing so while drinking coffee.


and that sun is reflecting all over my in-progress artwork,
glossy furniture, and the style of shoes i have been stocking up
on [specifically these open-toed kelsi daggers].  but since it's
still below 50 [and since i have little patience], there's a 99%
chance i'll be rocking these with socks within the next week.  so
stay tuned for that.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


my idea of a well-balanced diet?  eat two, full-sized sprinkles
cupcakes for lunch and then a healthy homemade vegan meal for
dinner... it evens itself out, right?

Saturday, February 23, 2013


i think know that i'm back to my old fashion-enthusiast ways
after spending the last few weeks focusing on completely
revamping my wardrobe.  stepping out of my comfort zone, breaking
old habits [specifically those involving the sheer shirt+legging
combo], and taking my time has not only made me a successful
shopper but a happy one. 

and although i didn't get to buy any of gretchen jones' brilliant
garments during this whole process, i would, had i heard of her
earlier.  above are my favorite looks from three of her
collections, and [coincidentally] are similar to some of my
recent closet additions.  so until my wardrobe is ready to be
blogged about, feel free to view jones' designs for fashion eye
candy.  i know i would!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013



because i cleaned out my closet and because it is socially
unacceptable [and too cold] to walk around naked, it's about time
that i replenish in the fashion department.  tomorrow i will
begin this endeavor... and i'm very excited about it. can you
tell or is my obnoxious collage not obvious enough?

Saturday, February 16, 2013


the title says it all; this is the best dish i have ever made
i have nothing left to say.  
must.  eat. 


this morning i was high... physically.  i walked the high line to
avoid traffic lights on my commute to the gallery and took some
many shots along the way [two of which were successful].  seeing
the city from a different perspective was a lovely [and healthy]
way to release some endorphins in the a.m. 


even though i have like three shirts in my closet right now, i
can still look+feel pretty in pink with my new perfume.  d&g 3 is
a perfectly fruity fragrance that is officially my scent of
choice. i may be low on clothing, but at least i smell good...

Friday, February 15, 2013


re-vamping my wardrobe from the bottom up.
found my new favorite shoe designer.
girl's sharp i tell ya.


my mom and i found nemo on friday night which we then proceeded
to hide from saturday afternoon.  during this hibernation we
cleaned out my closet.  i finally graduated from my college
wardrobe [8 months late] and all it took was a blizzard keeping
me indoors for an extended period of time.  i guess finding nemo
wasn't the worst thing to happen this winter!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


john lennon once said, "love is all you need."  well, john
lennon was wrong.  all you need is a few ingredients and some
skills in the kitchen to make the best brownies you've ever had
so rather than going on a forced dinner date, get your ass to the
kitchen and actually enjoy your valentine's day this year. 
company [and sharing] optional.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


my mom's flight should be landing any minute now, and i figured
i'd greet her with what i know she misses most about new
yorkfairway's signature baguette, fairway's supreme brie,
abraham's hummus, and abraham's baba jannouj.  fresh veggies and
berries complete the platter that is welcoming this newly
initiated southerner back to the east coast.  who says you need
to be from the south to be hospitable?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


ever since getting my first coach demi [remember when these were
all the rage?] in sixth grade, i've identified myself as being a
bag girl.  and while i love a good heel, theres just something
about a suede tote that makes me feel all tingly inside.  

so when i saw one of clare vivier's totes in person last night,
my inner bag freak came out [naturally].  her designs seem
effortless and not over-thought.  they are classic yet
contemporary, and so appealing to those of us [me] who need room
to carry essentials, but want to do so in style.  

now i am left with a collage of beautiful purses that will
forever taunt me until i get one for myself.  and knowing me, i
will probably find a way to make that happen.  
i am a bag girl, after all.


creativity, inspiration, and city living are officially my new
and i'm tripping the f out.
in a good way.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


super bowl sunday is here, which [for me] is an excuse to cook,
eat and socialize.  this year i'll be rooting for my favorite
team [team cheese] with a double batch of homemade pepper
jack+cheddar cheez its.  i've been exerting self control around
these treats for far too long now... let the snacking bowl to

Friday, February 1, 2013



if you couldn't already tell based off my facebook and twitter, i
am very enthusiastic about my a cappella group, both for the
amazing people in it and for the dope music we get to sing... and
now i can be enthusiastic about our choice of wardrobe since we
have our first gig tomorrow.  blackout is sticking to an all
black color palette [for obviously reasons], and i am gathering
bits of inspiration so that i can rock the stage both musically
and fashion-ally.  alright... it can be saturday now, because i'm
ready to get blackout.