Tuesday, December 18, 2012


it's easy to forget you operate a blog when your life-long best
friend is visiting you...especially when that visit is taking
place in the best. city. ever.  and while i am so so so sad
that jessica has left me, at least i acquired a ton of content to
share with all of you.

to summarize the five day visit is going to be difficult
[considering we used only used about eight hours of it for
sleep], but i'll do my best.  

thursday, december 13th: 
jessica and i spent the day dabbling around soho.  we saw some
cool art, took some cool pictures, and caught up after not seeing
each other for a year.  this day reminded us that not only do 
we   ny, but also we   each other as much as [if not more than] we
did in fourth grade.  

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