Friday, December 28, 2012


i'm not one to go clubbing, but last night i went clubbing.  an
unexpected trip to lavo resulted in an unexpected encounter with
some diy inspiration.  basically this badass chick was wearing
one of the most dramatic muscle tees i have ever witnessed, and
now i can't help but make one for myself.  i guess i'm now a
lover of lavo since going there sparked my creativity.  maybe i
should club more often...?

Thursday, December 27, 2012


i never thought this fantasy would actually materialize, but like
i said [or tweeted, rather]; zara had a sale, and i conquered it. 
spiked messenger bag from zara, boyfriend jeans from levi's, and
leopard pumps from juicy.  all on sale.  someone pinch me because
i must be dreaming.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


before i clean my apartment i might as well make it as messy as
possible, right?  i think black glitter can achieve that.  
brb... making art.


this is what i like to call the "atlantic city triptych" [aka "i
only took three decent photographs while visiting my grandma in
ac"].  basically, i ate good food and came home with a more full
[and more organized] suitcase.  the perk of not celebrating
christmascelebrating insane sales the day of.  looks like i
have even more revealing to do...

Sunday, December 23, 2012


...i choose to shop online.  
on thursday i was walking around soho only to end up getting
caught in the rain.  my instinctual "flight" response brought me
to an uptown subway and ultimately to my [dry] apartment.  then
some sort of an adrenaline rush occurred in the form of a "fight"
response where i refused to end up empty handed.  i caught the
zara sale right when it began at midnight, and the rest is
history.  purchase to be revealed shortly...   


due to hardware deficiency, the butterflies will be living on my
desk until further notice.  
that is all.


i'm not sure if jessica and i were happy to be with each other or
happy to be eating with each other.  either way, we were happy...
and we ate a lot.  fried cod, sweet potato fries, and buffalo
chicken bites in soho followed by a double scoop at emak &
bolio's was the perfect conclusion to an unforgettable trip.  it
left our stomachs full and our hearts full of joy.  until next
time jess...

[more photos from jessica's visit here]

Saturday, December 22, 2012


i still have a few installments of the "jessica visits" posts,
but there are so many things happening in my life that i must
intersperse those posts with what is happening right now [hence
my corny-pun title choice].

so to continue with life updates, here is a delicious salad i
made.  it was so good that i felt the need to share the recipe. 
this salad was sweet, salty, and perfect for a quick dinner.  i
would've added crumbled gorgonzola, but i was too lazy to walk
four blocks to the grocery store.  next time...

Thursday, December 20, 2012


waiting two hours for some dank frrrozen hot chocolate was
totally worth it.  and not just because our dessert was sinfully
delicious, but because serendipity 3 exceeded my expectations all
around.  this restaurant has great vibes, great staff, and great
guests.  sitting upstairs was truly "chill", for lack of a better
term.  the absence of music makes you more in-tune with those
around you and encourages guests to engage in conversation
[specifically about the extravagant desserts being brought to the
tables].  the wait staff mingled and genuinely encouraged us to
take our time [which we did].  i never thought i could resist
guzzling down a frozen hot chocolate, but both jessica and i
[surprisingly] took our time devouring this one-of-a-kind

clearly i could go on and on about my restaurant-crush, but i'll
leave it at that.  in the meantime, who wants to join me for a

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


when you're wasting it with your bff.  after putting our names
down for some treats at serendipity 3, jessica and i had two
hours to kill.  we miraculously had enough self-control to
venture through dylan's candy bar without snacking.  we also
miraculously had enough self-control to limit our spending at
h+m.  our good behavior was rewarded very soon after...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012



as if this wasn't obvious enough, here is my choice of bootie.  i 
got the lucky brand ones, and lucky for me they were around 40%
off.  i've been trekking all over the city in these and am very
satisfied with my [comfortable] purchase.  no pain, lots
of gain.  now that's my type of shoe.


it's easy to forget you operate a blog when your life-long best
friend is visiting you...especially when that visit is taking
place in the best. city. ever.  and while i am so so so sad
that jessica has left me, at least i acquired a ton of content to
share with all of you.

to summarize the five day visit is going to be difficult
[considering we used only used about eight hours of it for
sleep], but i'll do my best.  

thursday, december 13th: 
jessica and i spent the day dabbling around soho.  we saw some
cool art, took some cool pictures, and caught up after not seeing
each other for a year.  this day reminded us that not only do 
we   ny, but also we   each other as much as [if not more than] we
did in fourth grade.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012


in regard to this post, i made a decision... and that decision
was on sale.  aren't i a lucky one?  
more photos to come.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

HARDWARE... not so hard to wear when designers are turning tools and
fasteners into appealing accessories.  if you're looking for
badass with a touch of feminine, i think i've got you covered. 
as for me, i sense a nuts and bolts diy in my near future.

[oh, and the antler necklace and tote are just as cool, so i
figured i'd throw them into the mix]  


here is my art:

here is my statement:

this piece is yet another highly personal addition to this
series.  it varies distinctively from the others as i chose to
capture the viewer's eye in a more aggressive manner [my typical
pop of neon is more subtle than this intense field of gold
glitter].  i am drawing the spectator close to my art with an
appealing aesthetic and immediately challenging him/her by
presenting collaged figures who gaze directly at the audience.  i
am encouraging viewers to interact with the work i produce, while
simultaneously expressing myself [as ambiguously as possible].

here are some more photos:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


i only do this to you once a year, so you must forgive me.
happy hanukkah, ya'll.


after attending and covering fashion gala tlv by dor chadash i
was contacted by superwoman galit reismannone of the main
planners of the event.  although i didn't get the chance to meet
her in person [she was backstage before, during, and after the
show], we designated an hour to skype and get to know each other.

 during that hour not only did i gain a new israeli friend [yay],
but i learned what galit is aiming to accomplish with tlvstyle. 
this in-the-know fashionista hosts tours around tel aviv to
boutiques that are off the beaten path.  she shows visitors  the
israeli fashions what they may not discover without her guidance. 
these personalized tours are ideal for those of us who travel
with the intention of exploring avenues that are atypical for
foreigners, but quintessential to locals.

besides for showing you where to get some of the most unique
designs in one of israel's most booming fashion centers, galit
introduces the outsider to the warm personalities of tel aviv. 
she gives ordinary tourists the opportunity to be fully emerged
in the genuinely amicable culture of this city's fashion

and what's better than having a once in a lifetime boutique tour
around one of the world's best cities?  getting your ticket for
10% off.  here's how:

1. "like" tlvstyle boutique tour's facebook page here
2. "like" spur of the moment's facebook page here
3. "share" this poster on facebook

when you buy your tickets through galit, let her know you
participated in this promotion to receive the discount.  and when
you go on one of her incredible tours, you can make a new friend
as well!

Monday, December 10, 2012


if there's one thing my mom taught me, it's that there are no
mistakes in art.  so rather than having an art-related panic
attack after a slight glitter mishap, i restated peggy's wise
words and altered my initial vision.  now i have a piece that is
better than i originally intended and [even more importantly] a
stable brain.  i like having a job where no errors can be made. 

[photos of the finished product to come]

Sunday, December 9, 2012


and by party time, i mean pillow time, which [for a crafty girl
like me] can be just as fun as partying.  a little diy pregaming
[aka browsing the web for design inspiration] has left my bed
begging for a graphic pillow. coincidentally, there is an old
t-shirt sitting in my dresser that i have a strong desire to take
pair of scissors to.  time to get snipping... let's see what
limited materials and a sewing machine can do.


i've been on the prowl for heeled booties for several weeks now
now, and i still haven't found my one and only [although i
thought i did, but that ended in a heart-wrenching breakup].  i
am also having difficulty giving a jacket my hand in purchase. so
after deliberating for too long, i am forcing myself to be wifed
up by some wardrobe essentials.  above are my final bits of
inspiration to help me take the plunge.  let's hope i make the
right decision...

Saturday, December 8, 2012


...that sometimes, it's okay to be unhealthy.  and while it may
not be the most photogenic brunch on the block, sometimes an h&h
everything flagel with veggie cream cheese is really all a girl

Friday, December 7, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


sephora has rewarded me with a gift basket of free samples after
investing a large portion of my bank account in their products; a
kind gesture with the obvious purpose of convincing me to spend
even more money.  and while i am usually not fooled by these
tactics, this tiny portion of anastasia beverly hills lipgloss
just may be the bait that lures me in.  the peachy tone works
well with my new tan, and the cocktail-inspired name [bellini]
works well with my love for sparkling wine.  damnit, i think i'm

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


tonight, i'm eating an early dinner for two reasons; one, i'm
hungry now, and two, during my normal dinner time [like 8pm] i'll
be at lincoln center watching itzhak perlman conduct the julliard
orchestra.  more on that later.  for now, admire my whole
wheat rigatoni with sautéed eggplant+homemade pan-tomato sauce.


a killer tan isn't the only thing i acquired in florida.  i also
brought back these framed butterflies, which used to hang [rather
awkwardly] on the pink walls of my childhood room.  now they will
add the perfect amount of exoticism [and yet another dead animal]
to my new york city apartment.  i swear i have a heart... it just
craves good design.


had i had a functioning computer for the remainder of my
vacation, i would have continuously provided you with detailed
records of my floridian doings.  but since that isn't the case,
and since i enjoy rapidly moving forward with my life, i am
recapping with one [very concise] collage of images.  

to summarize, i:

1.  wrote a few things for swagnet
2.  looked at masson and picasso art books with my mom
3.  worked on my [very much needed] tan, and 
4.  hung out 

oh and i also made a carrot cake, which i might as well torture
you all [and myself] with...

Monday, December 3, 2012


like my brain might explode.  so much to re-install, so much to
re-create, and so much of my life lost with the hard drive crash
[you didn't expect me to be a backup-er, did you?].  anyway,
we've got lotsss of catching up to do.  
let's get started, shall we?