Thursday, November 8, 2012

YOU DON'T NEED A BOYFRIEND... wear boyfriend jeans.  seriously--they make these for
women.  if you don't already own a pair, get your ass to an urban
outfitters [or gap or h+m or bloomingdales or nordstrom or or wherever] and buy some because you're very late on
this trend.  i bought these jeans freshman year i think... yeah
like literally in 2008, and for some reason i am just now getting
a ton of compliments on them, so i've decided to put them on

these bdg bf jeans make it so easy to look effortlessly chic and
can be worn an infinite amount of ways.  today i paired them with
all of my beacon's closet finds:  sonia rykiel top, a.y. not dead
vest, and rosegold booties [yeah, i scored big time].  normally i
wear them with a cozy sweater+sneakers and look like an awkward
clown, but apparently that's in. 

anyway, skip the boyfriend and go straight to the
boyfriend jeans.


  1. they've so come in handy espec in SF! ALSO LOVE THE VEST

  2. Also, I've noticed that those boots are new. LOVE EM

  3. right maeve?? we bought those soo long ago and now i wear them all the time. and thankkkss i knew u'd like that vest. and thanks ellyse u r the beeest i miss u and stalk you frequently